Industry sector: Wholesale electrical & plumbing
Headcount: 1,150 Employees
Customer since: 2017
Delivery method: On-premise
Solution: Payroll, Self Service
Country: Australia

“The ichris solution ensures that CNW are well-positioned to meet the requirements of our growing business. The single database and powerful reporting across all business entities means we have informative insights on which to base decision-making.”

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Julie Caplice, Employee Services Manager, CNW Pty. Ltd.

CNW Electrical Wholesale and Energy Solutions is the largest 100% Australian-owned independent electrical wholesaler, providing an extensive range of high-quality, reliable products and services via an expansive branch network.

In 2017 CNW identified issues with its legacy system which had only been in use for six years. The business comprised of a number of separate entities, which resided on 5 individual payroll databases. Reporting capacity was minimal and could not provide consolidated data for all ABN’s without time-consuming, manual intervention. In addition, there was no ability to maintain historical employee records or scale as the business grew. CNW identified that their replacement system had to rectify these issues and provide extended HR functionality. Full integration to other business systems, such as Learning Management, was mandatory.

CNW chose to implement Frontier Software's payroll and self service. By holding all employee data for each ABN on a single database, CNW achieved efficiencies in system administration and configuration tasks. Less manual handling of data minimised errors and streamlined processing activities. Far greater HR data was captured, enabling effective position management and detailed employee histories. Integrated data in a single database ensured client designed reports could provide in-depth, business-wide insights to inform operational activity.