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                                                                                          TIP OF THE MONTH


The Tip of the Month for November is with regards to two changes in the 8.19 base release.

Firstly, there is a change to a field name.  Previously in the data dictionary, gender field on Details (DET) was named DET SEX. This has been changed to DET GENDER.  Please run the Data Dictionary Changes Impact (DDI) report which will review and detail the impact of this change on your system.  You will then need to modify any areas of the system that are listed on the report output.  For example, if you have any reports that include this field, you will need to remove the field and add it back in again to select the correct field name.

Secondly, as stated in the release notes, the process to produce a P45 has changed from the Online Filing form (OLF) to Print Bulk P45’s (TEP). As with Online Filing, to enable the file to appear in the report output and files tab, you will need to add TEP to the File Locations (FLC) form for users who will be running this process.

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