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                                                                                 TIP OF THE MONTH


The Tip of the Month for September is for clients who have either Teachers' Pension or Local Government Pensions set up on their chris21 system. 

Some clients have reported an issue when paying back-pay and processing Teachers' Pension. The back-pay is pushing the employee into a higher contribution band for that pay period. This is because of the Exclude from Rate Band Calculation field setting on the Allowances Extended (PAX) form behind the back-pay code(s). If you do not want back-pay to be part of the Earnings Band calculation then you would need to tick the checkbox. It will still be classed as pensionable if the appropriate pension bucket is ticked on Allowances (PTA). 

For LGPS pensions, the field Include in Pensionable Earnings Calculation on the Allowances Extended form should be ticked if the back-pay code(s) should be included in the pensionable earnings calculation performed when you run the Pension Contract Extract (FCE).

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