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                                                                            TIP OF THE MONTH


This month’s Tip of the Month is designed to highlight two areas that have been known to generate Helpdesk calls at this time of year:

  1.        Paying early in December

    HMRC have issued an email instructing you to provide your usual payday on your FPS File.  This may be different to the date you actually pay your staff, given that many companies pay earlier in December.  To achieve this depends on what version you are on:
  • 8.16.XX clients.  Input your usual pay date on Payrun Control (RCN).  This will then be the date reported on your FPS file.  There is no validation between EFT Fixed Format (EFT) so when generating the BACS file you can use the day you are actually submitting the payment.
  • 8.19.XX clients.  The Real Time Information (RTI) form has a new field, normal pay date into which you can record your usual pay date before you generate the FPS file.  This means you can leave the pay date on Payrun Control as the date you are actually going to pay your staff. 

Irrespective of what date you are paying in December, you should always report the usual pay date on your FPS file.

2.       January Pay Dates

When creating the Payrun Control (RCN) for January, please remember to check the pay date is now 2020.

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