Organisational Charting Banner

Frontier Software announces the release of its organisation charting module, ORC21. This integrated module creates visual representations of organisation structures, based on multiple relationship options. Charts are quick and easy to create and can hold any combination of data points held in the ichris database. In addition, clients can configure ORC21 to display different data to different users. Authorised users can make changes using drag and drop and save them to ichris tables with immediate effect.

“Our clients work in dynamic and flexible organisations”, says Kim Boyd, National Sales and Marketing Manager. “The trend towards contingent and casual workforces underlines their need to understand how skills and resources are allocated company-wide. The organisation charting module enables them to do this quickly at team, department, location and company levels. Being able to edit and change charts in real time empowers clients to model alternative structures and save them for further analysis or approval. Removing the reliance on third-party suppliers, integration activities or manual updates ensures our clients can focus representing structures, not managing solutions.”

To learn more about ORC21 click here.