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                                                                                          TIP OF THE MONTH


The Tip of the Month for October is how to add a form in chris21 that is based on a Report Designer report. This enables users to run the report from the form, rather than via the Report Designer tool. This is particularly useful when you want users to run the report via the HR21 interface.

Step 1: Create the report in the Report Designer tool
Step 2: Navigate to Forms (SCN) and select NEW
Step 3: Only complete the following fields:

                Interface                              ‘C’ for a chris21 form; ‘H’ for a HR21 form
                Form Identifier                     Please note it must start with an alpha character
                Description                          Type the name of the new form
                Form Type                           Select ‘D’ from the dropdown list
                Designed Report                 Select the name of the Report Designer report

Step 4: SAVE the record
Step 5: grant users access to the form in the usual way, i.e. via the Privileges (ATT) form and the Menu Designer tool.

Please note:  To ensure a user only sees the correct staff when they publish the report, make sure you have the correct Staff Access setting on their User Access form (USR):

              Self Only:                              only see yourself on the report
              Organisation:                        only see staff with the same organisation levels as you
              All:                                        see everyone

This can also be influenced by the Profiles form (USP). Have the above field set on ‘All’ then set up a USP record so that the user only sees staff in a certain department, for example.

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