Our e-books and white papers are designed to help you navigate the ever changing payroll and HR landscape.

Whether it’s understanding new taxation initiatives or the need to build a business case for change, this repository represents the global accumulated wisdom of Frontier Software’s subject matter experts.

HR challenges when engaging a contingent workforce

With the rise and rise of the contingent workforce, HR needs to step forward and reclaim a process mostly owned by procurement. Where the focus was once on cost/value relationships, it now needs to be on the alignment of talent strategies to the new workforce composition. HR must take the lead to prepare for today and for the future.

Change Management

Learn how to build your case for positive change whilst leading from the top. Understand how to align key players to ensure change is integrated company-wide. Educate your team on how to get everyone else on board so the journey is shared. And once you’re done, learn how to evaluate and measure your success.

Business Case for Payroll System Change

A compelling business case will quantify, in both time and cost, the savings that can be made when compared to how you currently manage your payroll.  You can produce a document that is well researched and worthy of consideration.

Buying & Implementing Payroll and HRIS

What drives the need to change payroll and HR systems? What things should you consider when changing systems? How do you evaluate a software vendor?

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

The overarching benefit of cloud services lies in its ability to charge only for what is consumed. This Whitepaper seeks to discuss what Cloud Services are and what benefit they offer institutional clients such as government bodies.

Workforce Trends- How to predict your future Workforce requirements

The world of work is changing faster than ever before. Learn how technology is helping to attract and retain talent in an increasingly disruptive environment.

Mobility - How to mobilise Payroll and HR

How to integrate HR processes with mobile devices for an increasingly dispersed workforce.

Payroll Fraud - How to mitigate the risk of Payroll Fraud

What exactly is payroll fraud? Why do people do it and what can you do to stop it?