Overview, Features, Benefits, Further Details

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Employee & Manager Self Service transforms the
HR function by moving time intensive, administrative
tasks away from your organisation's centralised HR office
and devolving responsibility to your staff.

Key Features of Self Service

Human Resource PC Desktop
  • Flexible and intuitive design

  • Online access to payroll and HR data

  • Advanced security options

  • Optimised workflow approval process

  • Removes the need for manual payslip distribution

  • Designed to reduce HR administration costs

Benefits of Using Self Service

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Provides employees with secure remote access to perform functions traditionally administered via HR or payroll departments. Typically these include:

  • Amend / update personal information and bank details

  • Enter timesheets / expense claims

  • Apply for training courses / leave / vacancies

  • View a variety of HR data items

  • Review company policy documents and latest news

  • Integrates with other self service functions include Performance Management, Recruitment, Learning & Development


Enables managers to view their own records and administer all employee self service functions. Managers can enquire and, subject to security, amend / update employee records and authorise requests such as:

  • Leave applications

  • Timesheet applications

  • Learning event requests

  • Vacancy applications

  • Expense claims

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Real time updating of the database ensures that users are making decisions based on real time information that complies with statutory, audit and data validation procedures.  Self Service speeds up management of the following key tasks:

  • Email notifications – automatically directed to managers and employees advising actions that have occurred

  • Leave applications – completed by the employee and the request is automatically available to the manager for approval

  • Learning requests – forwarded to the training or line manager for approval

  • Timesheet entry – hours worked are keyed in by the employee and sent automatically to the manager for approval

  • Performance review – review performance against previous approved KPIs

Further Details