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Investment in recruitment software delivers savings and efficiencies

The statistics for furlough and redundancies made for sobering reading over the summer; however, the light in a very dark tunnel meant a hive of recruitment activity in some sectors. Whilst job opportunities shrank, some organisations were still hiring and they faced new and previously unknown challenges within the hiring process.

HR departments operating remotely needed to coordinate activity without the benefit of being physically together and this is where recruitment software came to the fore.  The user can access recruitment software at any time of the day, greatly improving productivity and allowing participants in the hiring process to respond to queries and take action 24/7. The use of online software enables recruiters to connect using mobile devices, so they can effectively work from anywhere and still remain connected with the team.

The benefits to using software as the start point to the employee lifecycle are obvious, especially when the HR team is remote.  However, there are many advantages to take into consideration should you be looking to invest in recruitment software and below is food for thought.

If you have high volumes of applications, wading through them to find a suitable candidate is only the beginning. A primary benefit to using recruitment software is that it delivers an advanced tool set for tailoring searching and short listing to find exactly the right candidate. Pre-screening questions can be used to automatically reject unsuitable candidates and different questions can be set up for different vacancies. These can be weighted and then, depending on the answers supplied, candidates either progress to the next stage or are rejected from participating any further. When undertaken through on-line portals, this approach results in seamless and efficient recruitment.

The next steps, such as short list, interview, offer, reference checking and employee on-boarding can consume time and resources, but can be easily streamlined by software use.  Tedious paper based tasks, required as part of the hiring process, can happen much faster with on-line input from the applicant and different team members; outside of traditional office hours, if necessary. To secure the best candidates, online software results not only in quick response times, it also enables the user to communicate effectively both with their wider team and potential candidates. Use of reminders, email generation, document production and bulk progress of applicants, ensures a range of different tasks can be automated and scheduled giving you an extra degree of control.

Social media reach is now hugely important in recruitment and when using specialist software you can connect to social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, plus multiple job boards with very little effort on your part.

The pandemic caused organisations to rethink elements of their recruitment activity as they adapted to new restrictions and in turn this led to a much smarter approach to getting the job done. The use of software as a fundamental element of recruiting helps to streamline processes, improve efficiency and enables the recruiter to spend valuable time on bringing the very best candidates to the organisation.

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Article originally published on Public Sector Focus October 2020.