Human Resource PC Desktop

Use of technology has made it possible to integrate all HR functions for greater accessibility and flexibility and organisations see the benefit of employee engagement from a good work/life balance. Mobile access enables managers to work efficiently and employees to be more actively involved with their HR and payroll data.  The rise of the Smartphone as the “one stop shop” for accessing information means that if you’re not already moving towards delivering mobileHR, you’re missing the opportunity to engage with employees regardless of location or work pattern. Mobile working is seen as the way forward for organisations keen to benefit from advances in HR tech. Going mobile means you will also be instrumental in reducing your organisation’s environmental footprint; decreasing paper based processes and removing waste in energy and resources consumption. Mobile adoption within HR is growing fast and when combined with the growth in flexible working practices, it will help your organisation benefit from a motivated, empowered workforce using efficient processes. 

This article was published in the August 2018 issue of HR Grapevine Magazine