How to Build a Business Case for changing Payroll Systems

The fast pace of advances in workplace technology, particularly with Human Resource management, has significantly impacted on the way many traditional HR transactions now take place.  Technology is making it possible to integrate previously standalone functions, with HR becoming decentralised, less restricted by administration and much more proactive in boosting engagement, performance and productivity. 

Technology enables managers to take responsibility for their team and gets the employee actively involved, allowing them to develop and learn at a time of their choosing.  Never before has electronic communication been so readily available, with information delivered at the touch of a button, especially with the rise and rise of the smart phone as the “one stop shop” for accessing information.

Technology should be both easy to use and mobile accessible. Mobile adoption in HR will continue to grow along with the growth in flexible working practices.  The time has arrived to replace older HR technology with cloud based systems that deliver remote access to your team whatever their location or device used.

Frontier Software can help you to take advantage of modern technology to transform HR with efficient, paperless, electronic workflows.  Software applications including mobile self service, e-recruitment and e-performance management will ensure that your organisation doesn’t get left behind in the race to recruit and retain the best talent.