Mobile Human Resources Smartphone Samsung

Whether you are reading this article whilst sitting at your desk, on your daily commute or from your sun lounger in the Mediterranean (current heatwave notwithstanding), take a moment to glance up at the people around you.   Three out of five of them will look at their mobiles in the next five minutes and, if you are amongst the under 20’s, it will be more like 10 out of 10.  The mobile device is now firmly part of our lives, be that for personal or business use. The number of apps you can download seems endless and we all benefit from the fact that we can instantly check our bank balance, find the times of our next train or get the latest news as it breaks. (I accept that these suggestions may not be appealing if you’re currently soaking up the sun!)

 The pace of advance in workplace technology has significantly impacted the way many traditional HR transactions are now taking place.  Technology is making it possible to integrate previously standalone functions, with HR becoming decentralised, less restricted by administration and much more proactive in boosting staff engagement, performance and productivity.  Technology enables managers to take responsibility for their team and gets the employee actively involved too, allowing them to take action, develop and learn at a time of their choosing.  Never before has electronic communication been so readily available, with information delivered at the touch of a button.  Technology should be both easy to use and mobile accessible and mobile app adoption in HR is rapidly growing; proving itself to be a great partner to the growth in flexible working practices. 

Frontier Software’s Mobile HR smartphone app (MHR21) allows flexibility and mobility for staff and managers to perform most HR tasks directly from a smartphone device. The app, which delivers remote access, is ideal for organisations that have mobile employees and wish to increase employee adoption of key HR tasks and processes. A sleek and intuitive user experience, rich functionality and full integration with other Frontier Software products are what set the MHR21 app apart.

 A mobile app gives staff fast and easy access to initiate and action workflow requests and view payroll information. It enables the employee, regardless of time and place, to view leave balances and apply for leave, enter timesheet information, create expense requests, view pay history and check payslips. Managers can handle requests from their team whilst on the go – just as you would expect in today’s fast paced, technology driven age.

 The MHR21 app stores all data in the same database as other Frontier Software products, so you can leverage the data management capabilities of a genuinely integrated system. You will benefit from flexibility and mobility and be able to perform critical HR tasks from your smartphone (I’m not suggesting you do this from your Mediterranean sun lounger, but it is always an option!) The  MHR21 app is designed for organisations looking to increase employee and manager adoption of key HR tasks and processes. It’s also ideal for those organisation that cannot or do not want to deploy a full self service offering to all employees. Roll out to staff is as simple as emailing a link to the Google Play and/or Apple Store and a scan code to allow secure connection to your existing ichris system.

You may already be pondering that if the technology is out there and the cost benefits are obvious, why isn’t everyone rolling out mobile HR?  Or you may be feeling that the ‘culture’ of your organisation is not suited to the introduction of mobile HR, especially if you’re a larger organisations that will have to significantly change inherent attitudes and culture to ensure a satisfactory take up of an HR app. But, think back to the start of this feature (the desk, the commute, the sun lounger) and haven’t we already recognised that mobile device culture is rife with the use of apps second nature to us all?  

It is already widely accepted that significant improvements in business efficiencies are to be gained by the introduction of employee/manager self service applications, so the business case for self service via a mobile device is on firm ground. Mobile HR solutions have the potential to improve communications, increase the productivity of both HR department and employee and strengthen staff retention efforts.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

 This is just a brief introduction to the world of the mobile HR app. But, let’s be honest, are you already moving on to the next article, preparing to leave your train or you simply decided that a cool drink is all you need next?  Whichever it is, take a few seconds to glance around you again and then consider if the person next to you has just applied for annual leave via mobile HR and is now browsing the many and varied holiday apps at their fingertips!