In today’s fast-paced and competitive recruitment market, a solid onboarding approach is a business imperative. Your onboarding approach sends a powerful message to new employees long before they officially join your team. Does it create a positive first impression and encourage a sense of anticipation and excitement? Or is it clunky and tedious for new starters to complete and time-consuming for your HR team to manage?

Employee onboarding software like ONB21  - Onboarding streamlines and automates the tasks associated with hiring new people, replacing slow, manual, and repetitive paperbased processes with a seamless digital experience.

  • Streamlined - automated workflows offer a seamless experience 
  • Transparent - real time tracking of each new hire's progress
  • Accessible - compatible with Apple™ and Android™ smartphones
  • Engaging - welcome employees with engaging video content
  • Manage Offers - create and share offer letters and contract documentation quickly and easily
  • Collect Data - gather personal and payroll data to update ichris
  • Verify - qualifications, accreditations, memberships, licences and more
  • Assign Resources - request and track required resources and tools such as building and car park access, equipment etc
  • Maintains new hire engagement
  • Connect with and welcome new employees wherever they are
  • Ensures new hires are productive from their first day
  • Prevents delays in payroll processing
  • Reduces new hire turnover
ONB21 - Onboarding CR - Test 02