Dashboard reports enable end users to access HR metrics and analyse trends in support of strategic decision making and tracking.

An intuitive user experience, providing the data you need, when you need it to better understand the compilation of your workforce.

Easy to use with simple click-drag-drop actions and graphical displays allowing managers to view and respond to the workforce metrics that matter most to them.


  • Browser based solution for on demand metrics
  • Real time data access for rapid identification of workforce trends
  • Dynamic display of data and business intelligence
  • Intuitive user experience with powerful drill-down features

Benefits of Using HR Analytics

Secure data integration

Comprehensive security features protect your data, controlling who has access to metrics within your HR database. Dashboard security allows the administrator to define what screens are visible and which actions are permissible on the dashboard for various users based on roles (e.g. HR, Line Manager or CEO).

The Human Resources Dashboard has been designed to plug seamlessly into your HR database for rapid business intelligence. With many of the security features shared with your ichris system, the dashboard can access calculated data as well as raw, stored data.

Extract Business Intelligence

Any HR Metrics accessible through HR Dashboard can be easily converted into a format that is compatible with WordTM or ExcelTM. An unlimited amount of data can be exported, helping you rapidly generate reports and metrics. Dense data now takes seconds to access with the help of sophisticated data marts.

Providing an intuitive user-experience the powerful drill-down mimics the structure of your organisation. Whether your enterprise is made up of multiple satellite stores, a series of departments or a flat hierarchy, the Human Resources Dashboard allows you to move quickly from broad enterprise-wide trends to the raw data at the heart of a workforce challenge.

Data Segmentation

The intelligent segmentation of your workforce allows you to focus on the challenges that matter across the enterprise, without having visibility cluttered by irrelevant information

The Human Resources Dashboard has been designed to be easy to read, with simple screens and intuitive drill down actions

Data can be displayed in the form of: Pie Charts, Traffic Lights, Gauges, Bar Graphs, Chart View, Tables

Accessing workforce data is simple:

  • No decoding complex reports
  • No scanning lengthy documents
  • No calculating figures and averages
  • No headache searching for documents

Visual summaries identify, compare and alert you to workforce trends so you can direct your workforce strategically

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