Align business specific KPIs with organisational strategy through multiple on-line performance plans tailored to your needs. Streamline and automate the performance management process using Self Service access and workflows.

Increase efficiency, reduce overheads and workload with performance management processes implemented in a uniform manner throughout your organisation. Ensure that workforce potential can be appraised and developed as part of the strategic decision making process.

Effective performance management tools are vital to both staff development and business growth.


Contingent Workforce
  • Comprehensive performance management tools
  • Real time access to employee performance data
  • Highly configurable to align with your processes
  • Maximise employee engagement through use of Self Service

Benefits of Using Performance Management

Improves the performance management lifecycle

  • Comprehensive set of tools to visually identify objectives and establish KPIs​
  • Monitor, measure and maximise staff performance
  • Develop stages that address your requirements and follow your processes
  • Multiple, easy-to-use screen-based templates customised to your needs


Provide focus for employee engagement

  • Encourage year round employee engagement through Self Service access
  • Turn the "once a year" tick box approach into an ongoing, meaningful conversation
  • Ensure engagement to realise workforce potential and improve morale
  • Measure what really matters to your employees to motivate, retain and develop

Access data quickly and with ease

  • Manage employee performance via a web interface​
  • Utilise software to remove resource intensive paper based appraisals
  • Generate graphs and reports at the touch of a button
  • Build an unlimited history for all reviews


Increase productivity and profitability

  • Modernise your approach to performance management
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of the appraisal process
  • Deliver consistency across your entire organisation
  • Automatic emails, reminders and alert generation to aid processes

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