Recruitment management system and web based applicant portal to manage the entire recruitment process for all types of vacancy.
Easy to use and efficient features that support the recruitment process from advertising the vacancy to short listing and interviews through to final job offer.
The system offers numerous time saving features to streamline administration, including customisable filters to help sift and reject unsuitable candidates and automatically generate emails at each stage of the process.
Look no further for a recruitment management system that will help you to get ahead and stay ahead in the search for the best candidates.



Provide access to vacancies through your website
Link to external job sites, job boards and social media
Make it easy for candidates to submit applications
Automatically sift applications using your criteria
Data reporting and analysis at every stage

Benefits of Using Recruitment Management

Get ahead of the competition

An eye catching, user friendly Recruitment Management portal enabling applications via your website

An anytime, anywhere dashboard view of recruitment data

Recruiters have an up to the minute view of vacancies and can progress applications at any time

A responsive approach ensures you reach the best candidates ahead of your competitors

  • Maximise the use of your website
  • Advertise vacancies via job boards and social media
  • Allow data capture to be initiated by applicants
  • Create, publish and send offers, emails and other correspondence

Save time and money

Save money and eradicate the time consuming aspects of recruitment

All your information held in one place

Customise filters and pre-sift applications

Turn routine administration into proactive development of your talent pool

  • Secure candidate and vacancy data
  • Screen candidates automatically
  • Maintain a complete application history
  • Manage a talent pool

Automated and streamlined

Improve efficiency and enforce good recruitment practice

Use workflow escalations and email alerts to keep the process moving

Template documentation ensures consistency

  • Streamline processing, improve service levels and workflows
  • Save on time and recruitment costs and achieve a fast return on investment
  • Transfer successful candidates to employee status with minimal data entry
  • View candidates immediately in your HR system

Real time management reports

Track every stage of the vacancy and associated applicants, with on demand access to statistics

Enhanced information with customised reports on advertising media, costs and time to recruit

All reports can be delivered automatically to the relevant people

  • Track and manage vacancies
  • Track candidates at every stage
  • Query all applications
  • Schedule reports daily

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