Engage Jigsaw Puzzle

Melbourne, Australia. Frontier Software is delighted to be named a finalist in the recent Voice Project Change Challenge Awards. We were also delighted to count our client, Swinburne University, as a fellow finalist for the 2019 awards.

The Voice Project is a leading provider of employee engagement, customer service and 360 leadership surveys. Having engaged the services of the Voice Project team in 2017, they invited Frontier Software to submit an application for their 2019 awards. The invitation was based on the significant improvement in employee engagement survey results from 2017 to 2018. 

Nick Southcombe, CEO of Frontier Software adds, “The invitation to take part was a confirmation of the ongoing commitment to employee engagement undertaken by the management team at Frontier Software. The improvement in results reflects the significant effort we have made to ensure our employees’ experience at work is industry leading”.

The judges noted the following about the Frontier Software application. “The Top 5 since last survey are substantial topics – good areas to show improvement”, “The size of the change scores in the employee survey are extremely impressive given only a little over a year between surveys. Several questions improved by around 20%, and the top 5 improvements aligned with, and hence validated, the focused change initiatives”.

Frontier Software has set its employee engagement objectives for 2019 and look forward to ongoing maintenance and improvement of employee engagement and the results of their Voice Project survey.

Frontier Software congratulates to St. John Ambulance Australia, Jewish Care and Tenterfield Shire Council on being announced the winners of the Voice Project Change Challenge Awards 2019. This recognition is well-earned and we support your commitment to employee engagement.